Portraits: When creating a portrait the starting point is the creation charge. Our session charge for this service runs from $75 to $250 depending on the type of portrait and location of the session. Weddings: Our wedding coverage starts at $2,800. Wherever your special day's plans take you we are available to offer a wedding collection that fits your desires. We invite you to contact us at the studio at 252-823-1383 for more information on many of our services. For more detailed information please call us at the studio so we may find out more about your request and offer you the correct information. When making plans to create a portrait session for your family it is always helpful to plan the session in advance. We offer a free portrait review before every session so we can help when choosing clothing, locations and talk about the final images and how they will be displayed.

 Wedding Tip: When you make your wedding photographer selection it is always a good idea to ask for references. You should ask the photographer for the name and addresses from two completed weddings. Talk to the Mother of the bride from these weddings. She will have the best feedback on how the photographer was that day and give some helpful advice on who you are about to hire. Often we are not only photographers but planners, directors, flower pining, hair fixers and more. The photographer has a big part in the wedding day keeping you on schedule and helping the flow of the day. This industry has so many new faces with cameras ,you owe it to yourself to find a photographer that will give you the quality you expect while making it a