Using Leading line in composition.

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 Leading Lines

Let's explore an element of photo composition called leading lines.

Whenever you pick up your camera to capture an image you want that image to convey a certain feeling, You want to be able to show your subject in the best light possible.  I want to first mention the word subject. Every image does have a subject, some even two subjects called a secondary subject. A subject can be almost anything from your grandchild running to the waterfront , to the incredible sight of the Grand Canyon. By using the element of leading lines as a compositional tool we can enhance the beauty and direct the attention of the viewer  to the subject we are capturing.
     When we view a photograph we naturally look at the brightest part of that image while at the same  time tracking across it in a matter of moments.That is just the way our eyes move , like when we read from left to right we know to just do it that way.
By using leading lines  we can help direct the viewers eye to follow the subject making the image more pleasing to the viewer.
What is a leading line? It can be a long fence leading your eye into the subject of the house, a length of a park bench bringing your eye to the person sitting alone, or how about a horizontal line in the image directing your eye to the children walking away from the camera. Of course when your are sitting around the house capturing the kids running wild you may not find or have the time to insert a leading line into your image.

 Like a bag of tricks waiting to be used on command having the knowledge of what some of these rules of composition will certainly enhance your photographic world when you are ready to apply them. You now have more than  just a camera to use when taking a picture. You have a clear idea and the ability to add a whole new look to your image. Just by moving you camera to a different position can change the whole aspect of what your are taking a picture of.
The next time you are out with your camera  look around and think about applying any number of composition elements that will make your image pop. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to get up early and walk the city or town I'm in.  This kind of photography will lend itself to all the elements of composition and creativity. 


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The fence leading your eye down the path




Using leading lines in a portrait


Applying Leading Line in a Portrait

When you have a beautiful subject you want to direct the viewer toward the most important part of the image. I will often look for these small details to add quality and more depth to my portraits, like in this image I was using the side of the wall to direct your eye toward her. 

The next time you are taking pictures stop and look around, see what else you can bring into view to make your picture stand out.Those small details will add so much to your images.

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